Socks Socks Socks Socks

I entered a contest! Sock It To Me Socks 3rd International Design a Sock Competition. Check out my entries! It was very fun. If any make it to the top 30 should be up on the Sock It To Me Socks Facebook Page by Friday the 30th for voting!


Hipster Heroes; Progress


Colored Hipster Hero part 1. She needs a hero name though. The Artist, maybe? Also I'm not so sure about the background. It's just filler for now but when I do get around to it I think that maybe a brick wall makes her super power look too much like graffiti.


Moving on Up

Check out my site!! Well, my under-construction site anyway.  It's so much better then the old one!


Welcome Back

Revamping my Blog!! Really should learn some CSS so I can changes things up more. In the meantime here's a piece I did for my niece that my Mum made into a rug!


And We All Did Die Vagabonds

Vagabonds line up. I'm working on redesigning them though.

You can check out more progress at